New to Classic Car Touring?

Social Non-Competitive Rallying

We understand that there is some apprehension taking the next step from gazing at your lovingly tended car to taking it out on unknown roads using navigation that you’ve no experience of with people you don’t know but we like to encourage people to use their cars. It’s a shame to leave something so lovely trapped in the garage when it was born to range the roads so here’s what Backwater Classic Car Tours will do for you.

  1. Most of our tours are focused on small groups where everyone has a chance to get to know each other. There’s always someone who can give advice and who’s had experiences that you can learn from.
  2. There is nothing competitive about anything we do. No times, no marshals, no hassle.
  3. Worried about the tulip route and navigation? Don’t be, you really don’t need any special skillsĀ  and it can be explained in a matter of minutes. If you go wrong it’s normally easy to get back on the route or we’re around lurking in the background at the end of a phone to come and help out.
  4. Concerned you might find the route too much first time out? We try to keep our routes to a drive of around four hours with a break for lunch. If you get to the lunch break and don’t want to go on that’s fine by us. Of course it maybe that we get to the lunch break and spend too much time chatting and enjoying the company so none of us get to do the second half (this has happened!).

So basically we offer you the most stress free tours we can. We accompany all our tours so are always on hand. We’ll advise and guide you, give you a chance to meet new friends with similar interests, send you to places you won’t find on your own, give you a day out where you see something of local interest that’s not focused on the car. It’s only for a short time so give it a go – you might find you like it.

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