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Our personal experience of participating in tulip runs with our own classic car many years ago led to the formation of Backwater Classic Car Tours. We loved discovering quiet backwaters, scenic routes and lesser known areas and locations. Our experiences were so enjoyable that we started organising tours ourselves, initially just for friends but then on behalf of the XK Club and E-type Club.

Although generally there was a good choice of well-organised classic car tours on the market with a duration of a week or more, we felt that shorter three/four day breaks were far more limited – hence the reason all our tours are organised for this length of time. Our classic car tours are now well-established and enjoyed by many. 

On each of our tours we provide route books with tulip navigation – these have been tried out on complete novices as well as experienced tulip run crews, and everyone seems to enjoy the challenge of navigating this way. All our routes cater for any level of experience and no prior knowledge of tulip navigation is needed. Our routes are, in fact, ideal for beginners who are interested in trying out a new way of travelling the roads, so don’t worry if you’ve never used tulip navigation before… it’s fun, relaxed and non-competitive.

There is absolutely no competitive element to our trips, and our priority is to make them as stress free as we possibly can – there’s enough stress in our daily lives already without adding more! Great attention has been paid to the accuracy of all our routes; we can’t guarantee that they are 100% foolproof, but they are as near as we can get them. Also, so that everyone can appreciate the scenic routes, we always try to build in some stretches where the navigator can take a break from looking at the route book, relax and enjoy the country roads as much as the driver.

Our accommodation is based on character and locality and we’d like to emphasise that our tours are casual, so just comfortable day wear is needed and maybe smart casual attire for evenings – ties and tiaras, are definitely not required (especially if you have an XK120). However, if there is an exception to our standard dress code for a particular special occasion, we will let you know in our tour information.

We are currently well into planning the tours for the next two years. To guarantee a place on any of our tours we only ask for a very small up-front payment. This is fully refundable up and until a deposit is required when our contract terms then apply.

If you’ve been with us before, we hope you’ll join us again – as many of you do. If you haven’t experienced any of our Backwater Classic Car Tours yet, then we’d love you to join us on one… it’s always much more than just a drive.

Paul and Lyn Trill

Paul and Lyn Trill
Car group


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