Welcome to the XKEC / F-TypeEC Club Tours list

Welcome to the XK8/XKR Enthusiasts Club (XKEC) and F-Type Enthusiasts Club (F-TypeEC), brought to you in conjunction with Backwater Tours.

Backwater Tours brings you tours specifically for members of both the XKEC and F-TypeEC.

“The first port of call for all modern day Jaguar XK and F-TYPE owners and enthusiasts”

The XKEC was formed back in 2003 and in 2021 will be celebrating its 18th Anniversary, bringing together an international community of XK owners and enthusiasts from across 20 countries, making it the largest single model club of its kind that is dedicated solely to the X100 (1996-2006) and X150 (2006-214) models of the Jaguar marque.

The F-Type EC was formed back in 2014 and will in 2021 be celebrating its 7th Anniversary, bringing together a community of F-Type owners and enthusiasts who will enjoy a membership package that they will hopefully take an active part in, as much or as little as they choose.