New to Classic Car Touring?

We’re all about relaxed, social, non-competitive touring!
You might be a little apprehensive taking the next step up from just pottering around the countryside in your lovingly tended classic car. We understand that! But stepping it up a notch to explore unknown roads using tulip navigation which you have no experience of, with people you don’t know, is nowhere near as scary as you might think.
We at Backwater Classic Car Tours like to encourage people to use their treasured cars, so please don’t leave yours alone in a garage when it was born to ride the roads. Here’s what you can expect from us if you decide to join us on one of our popular classic car tours… 
1. Most of our tours are focused on small groups so everyone has a chance to get to know everyone else. With interesting well-travelled characters in our groups you’ll always find someone who can give advice and who has had experiences that you can learn from.
2. Our tours are friendly, relaxed and flexible. There’s nothing competitive about anything we do – no times, no marshals, no hassle. If you find it’s not for you then please feel free to do your own thing but please make sure you join us for dinner where you can relax and get to know your fellow participants.
3. Don’t worry about our tulip routes and navigation either, it can all be explained in a matter of minutes. You really don’t need any special skills and, if you do go wrong, it’s quite easy to get back on the route. You’ll probably find us lurking around somewhere anyway – if not in the background we’ll be at the end of a phone to help you out if need be.
So, to conclude, our aim is to offer you the most stress-free tours we can. We accompany all our tours so are always on hand. We’ll advise and guide you, give you a chance to meet new friends with similar interests, send you to places you won’t find on your own, and give you a day out where you see something of local interest that’s not focused on the car! It’s only a short time so why not give it a go, you might find you like it. 
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