If you are thinking of booking one of our Backwater Classic Car Tours, you will probably be interested to hear what some of our clients have to say about us…
Dear Paul and Lyn, I imagine that you are back from preparing the Loire/Brittany rally by now. We both just wanted to thank you for all the work and effort you obviously undertook to give us such an enjoyable week.  I don’t think either of us had experienced such graphic accounts of either of the 20th Century wars – we learned such a lot. We enjoyed all the company.  I think you must attract all the best E Type/XK owners to your events!
K&L Hampshire
We thoroughly enjoyed our BWT on the Isle of Man. Even though I had been there previously for some 10 days and thought I had been to most parts of the island I was mistaken after traversing the many excellent driving routes that you have managed to find. Well done and many thanks.
B&D Australia
Just wanted to say how much we enjoyed Northumberland. We had been looking forward to it for over a year and it did not disappoint. Some great roads to drive ,fantastic scenery and things to do, and some great people to meet. 
Thanks to both of you for making it really fantastic.
R&K Telford
Just a quick note to say how much we the enjoyed the Northumberland tour. Two great hotels and empty roads, esp. the run from Langley Castle.
L&J, Cheshire
back to the hotel. Very scenic and we didn’t see another car the whole way. Driver’s Heaven!

Thanks for all your superb organisation for a very enjoyable few days at Pentille Castle. The venue was excellent with good food and very good company and hopefully we will catch up with some of the participants on your future tours.
E&P, Hampshire

Thank you for your continued commitment and organisation of the tours.  They are a real pleasure to take part in.
B&C, Cheshire

We thoroughly enjoyed the IoM tour. All beautifully planned and executed with super people.
B&T, Sussex

Just a quick line to say how much we all enjoyed the Sussex Back waters tour. Excellent accommodation, very good routes, excellent Route Book and Tulips, plus Paul and Lynn were very attentive and good hosts.
B&J, Kent

Thank you for a delightful few days on IoW, the tour gave us a taste for the gentle and more intimate & friendly events you run, so you can be sure that you’ll be seeing us again before long.
D&P, Sussex

Thank you so much for organising such a wonderful tour; we couldn’t have enjoyed it more.
You attracted a really nice group and hopefully we will see them again at other events in the future.
M&MC, Worcestershire

Thank you for our Backwater Tour north of the border. We enjoyed Cameron House and you found some wonderful driving routes which we relished. Thank you for such a pleasurable experience and we hope to see you soon on another of your tours.
N&O, London

We had a great time on our first Backwaters Tour. The number and mix of people was just right (less is more in our opinion) With only 5 cars we really felt part of things and were able to have some good conversations with the others. Our first tulip run went without any major cock-ups on the navigation front and because of the date coinciding with D-Day anniversary. There was plenty of added interest in the villages. You and Lyn had gone to a great deal of trouble to ensure that we all felt welcome and had every thing we needed for the 5 days. Very well organised.
S&L, Oxford

We want to say thank you so much for your perfect organization of our Goodwood trip and Backwater car run to you and Lyn. It was really a joyful and amazing experience for us and we remember with pleasure every day of this wonderful trip to the UK.
G&M, Germany

Dear Paul and Lyn, Thank you both for having organised such a wonderful Snowdonia trip. We were both blown away by the whole experience, and had such fun on our baptism of Backwater touring. We thought the whole organisation was brilliant, great hotel, lovely people, and those tulip runs – just amazing.
J&V, Sussex

Thank you for all your superb organising, Pentille was perfect! Linda’s tour notes are still the best we’ve encountered!
R&A, Bristol

Another brilliant Scottish tour, Second time around we had a different group different experiences and enjoyed the second tour as much as the first. Looking forward to our next tour in to Snowdonia in May.
C&B, Warrington