The Coronavirus Situation


The ever changing advice and restrictions both worldwide and in the UK are challenging inasmuch as the correct advice we can offer you (our clients). We detail here as much as advice as we can give you under the present circumstances (this is posted 13.03.20) but this could be changed in the light of laws/restrictions placed either on our clients, our suppliers or ourselves by circumstances not under our control.

Unless the FCO or a UK Government department advises against all travel to a certain destination it is your responsibility to decide how you respond to the risks. At present, there is no ban or official advice against holiday travel for any of our destinations meaning that all Backwater Classic Car Tours are going ahead. Any amendments or cancellations made by our customers will be subject to the cancellation terms explained in our booking conditions.

As our tours are small groups of people travelling in your own cars then we hope that any travel restrictions will not apply to our circumstances but of course we will continue to monitor the situation.

Our Irish and Isle of Man tours are both using ferries but so far there have been no instructions restricting ferry transport and to date it seems unaffected by the situation. Should this change we will see how this affects our tours (if at all) and advise accordingly.

If the FCO or a UK Government department advises restriction on travel but your tour date is sometime in the future we will wait to see if the advice changes over time. If your tour is IMMINENT (within the next 4 weeks) and the FCO restricts travel that affects our ability to supply your tour there are a couple of options: 
A different tour – We can offer you a different destination and/or date of travel. This depends on the availability of spaces and depending on the cost of the new destination you may be required to pay additional costs or pay less.
A refund – if we are not able to fulfil the tour then we will ask our suppliers for a refund against our costs. We will pass this onto you and will not make any profit from the cancellation so that in the event that we can reclaim all monies incurred in our costs to supply the tour you will be able to have a full refund. If for whatever reason our suppliers, whether through contractual, financial or other reasons will not refund us then your travel insurance should be able to recompense your costs.