About Us

“as called by clients ‘Stress Free Tours’”

Backwater Classic Car Tours has evolved from our participation in tulip runs in our classic car and appreciating the routes and locations to areas that you wouldn’t normally travel. We enjoyed our experiences so much that we started doing it ourselves, initially just for friends but then for the XK Club. While there is a good choice of well organised classic car tours we felt the choice is more limited for the shorter three/four day breaks and hence all of our tours are organised around this length of time. What we did in 2017

We try and make our trips as stress free as possible, with attention paid to the accuracy of routes (not guaranteed to be 100% but as near as we can get it), with absolutely no competitive element to them at all as it’s our assumption that there’s enough stress in people’s lives without adding any more. We also appreciate that the navigator should be able to enjoy the scenery and be able to look up from the route book now and again so try and build in some stretches where everyone can relax and enjoy a run in the country.

Scottish Highland Tour

Our routes have been tried on complete novices and experienced tulip run crews and everyone has seemed to enjoy them so if you’ve never done this before these are ideal routes to try out a new way of travelling the roads.

All of our routes are accessible to any level of experience and no prior knowledge of tulip navigation is needed.

Our accommodation is based on character and locality and we emphasise that the dress code is casual so we ask that you bring just whatever day wear you are comfortable in and maybe smart casual for evenings but jackets, ties or cocktail dresses are not expected or required (especially if you have an XK120). If there is an exception to our dress code for a particular occasion we’ll let you know on our tour information.

We are currently well into planning our 2018 and 2019 tours. We only ask a very small upfront payment to guarantee a place on our tours which is fully refundable up and until a deposit is required when our contract terms then apply. If you’ve not been with us before we’d love to see you. It’s more than just a drive.

What we did in 2017  

Paul & Lyn Trill